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The Future Is Hers (1)

The Future Is Hers

Around the world, women have become an unstoppable force. They are rewriting the rules, redefining power, and reimagining what equality looks like. With their collective power, anything is possible. Inequality will be a thing of the past—the future is hers.

‘I guess this is my life. I have no options.’

The National Women's Law Center found itself in the midst of the #MeToo movement. Now it's helping hundreds of women seek justice.

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14 Women Challenging
How Art is Defined

Using their gender as a lens, these women are forging new creative paths and expanding possibilities for generations to come.

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The Unfinished Business of Gender Equality

Advancing the rights of women and girls remains one of the most important tasks of the 21st century.

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From Fear to Freedom

Ending gender-based violence starts with dismantling the patriarchal systems that keep them from realizing their full potential.

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The Innovators, Risk-takers, and Changemakers We Proudly Support

Changing the Game
for Women and Girls

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