“In the future, I hope that entering the field of public interest technology can be seen on par with going to Google or Facebook or another tech giant.”

– Jennifer Helsby, data scientist


When it comes to tech, social justice organizations can’t afford to opt out. To have real impact, organizations need to be savvy about how they use technology. With the constant churn and change in tech tools, this can be daunting. But failing to take technology seriously can devastate organizations, leaving data and security vulnerable—and leaving powerful opportunities for impact on the table.

Together with our partners, Ford invests in building tech expertise as a core skill in the organizations we support. That prepares them to ward off threats, seize opportunities, and take full advantage of technology’s transformative potential.

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“My superpower is to help you protect your digital privacy.”

Sid Rao, a security analyst specializing in communication protocols, explains how metadata from our day-to-day Internet activities can be exploited.

“It’s not a matter of if you will be hacked as an organization, it’s a matter of when.”

Matt Mitchell, a hacker working at the intersection of social justice and technology, believes organizations must be proactive in protecting themselves from hackers.

“Technology won’t improve society if we don’t fight for a better society with technology.”

Etienne Maynier, security engineer and digital researcher, talks about the prevalence of digital surveillance.