“As public interest technologists, we have to bridge the gap between what technologists are trying to build and what social scientists are trying to solve.”

– Sid Rao, security analyst


Increasingly, people want to do work that plays a role in solving the world’s problems—from income inequality to health disparities, discrimination, and the impacts of climate change. In a recent survey, more than 90 percent of millennials said they want to use their skills for good. More than half of those surveyed report that they would take a pay cut for work that aligns with their values.

Since 2014, we have worked with partners like Mozilla Foundation, Media Democracy Fund and New America to help technologists bring their skills to leading policy and advocacy organizations around the world. In turn, technologists have helped these organizations understand how technology affects their work. They have helped them navigate issues of algorithmic bias, online surveillance, and free expression. And that’s just the beginning.

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“As a technologist, you don’t always have to work to defend the powerful...”

Éirann Leverett, academic, red teamer, and entrepreneur, talks about privacy and security as a consumer rights issue.

“We can fight for a more equal world, beginning with the way we develop technology.”

Steffania Paola Costa di Albanez, developer, designer, and visual artist, calls for diversity among developers of technology.

“Being on the Internet is not a privilege—it’s a right.”

Behran Taye Gemeda, peace studies practitioner and social justice activist, talks about the dangers of censorship and surveillance.