“Technology won’t improve our society if we don’t fight for a better society with technology.”

– Etienne Maynier, security engineer


Organizations can’t afford to opt out of technology, and neither can philanthropy. If funders don’t connect their grantees with the skills they need to adapt to the technology revolution, they simply won’t be equipped to have the greatest impact.

At Ford, we believe this is incredibly important. It’s why we’ve incorporated public interest technology across all our program teams: From Creativity and Free Expression to Natural Resources and Climate Change, a full-time technologist works with each grant making team to help them think about how tech is shaping their field and the world—and how we can respond most effectively. Many of our friends in philanthropy—including the Mozilla Foundation, Astraea Foundation, Knight Foundation, and Open Society Foundations—are doing something similar.

How are you investing in the future of technology? Are you ready to join the community? Explore more resources below.

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“In the future, I hope that the field of Public Interest Technology can be seen on par with going to Google or Facebook or another Tech Giant.”

Technologists are key to justice work. These fellows envision a future where technology is used to serve the public good.