At the Ford Foundation, we believe a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is critical to the success of any social justice organization. We have created a case studies toolkit and a funder guidance note for our officers and the sector at large to identify and instill best practices for DEI-related issues.

Our guidance note, available here, captures lessons from our teams from their experience navigating challenging situations. The case studies and facilitator's guide, both accessible below, draw from four real-life scenarios to help grantmakers and grantees become more adept in establishing processes and policies in their own work.

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Funder’s Guidance Note - This guidance note captures lessons learned from our grant makers and grantees to help other funders who may face similar challenges.

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Case Studies - In this series, which draws upon real-life experiences, we look at four challenging scenarios faced by grantees and how our grant makers worked with them to address them.

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Facilitator’s Guide - This guide is designed for use with the Case Studies as part of training sessions and workshops.

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