Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice

The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice is a hub for social good and the courageous people who devote their lives to achieving it. The landmark building features 81,000 square feet of convening space for the social sector, and a lush atrium garden and social justice art gallery open to the public.

Athi-Patra Ruga Umesiyakazi in Waiting, 2015

Ford Foundation Gallery

Radical Love

11 June - 17 August 2019
Mon - Sat, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm | Tuesday, July 30th Gallery will open at noon, not 11 am.

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In this New York Times profile feature, president Darren Walker articulates his vision for what is broken in philanthropy and the powerful steps Ford is now taking to guide a meaningful transformation from generosity to justice. The article captures how Walker is using his uncanny knack for connecting people to reimagine who has a seat at the table - and ultimately, a voice in the room.  

A nationally recognized expert on the economic, labor, and political issues affecting working people, Gupta will lead the dedicated Future of Work(ers) team that is actively shaping a future of work that puts workers and their well-being at the center.

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In Inside Philanthropy, Executive Vice President for Programs Hilary Pennington offers recommendations to improve the ways funder collaboratives engage with grantees.

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In this Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed, Bess Rothenberg, Senior director of strategy and learning, argues that our (confirmation) biases in social justice work may be keeping us from unlocking the outcomes we want. She writes that our convictions about what should happen are often so strong that they prevent us from planning for what actually does happen. Using recent examples including current events in Sudan, the piece offers several lessons for how grant makers can challenge their assumptions and get better outcomes for their work.

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In Chronicle of Philanthropy's profile on leaders of color, vice president for talent and human resources Diane Samuels speaks about her experience as a leader of color in philanthropy, and shares advice for young people entering the workforce.

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In this New York Times Op-Ed, our program officer Chi-hui Yang and Elizabeth Méndez Berry of Nathan Cummings Foundation argue that we have a dangerous blind spot in our national conversation about culture.

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