Internet Freedom

The Internet has transformed how we connect and engage with the world around us, creating opportunities and challenges in every area of contemporary life. As often as the Internet is used to foster learning and promote justice, it’s also used to exert control and exacerbate inequality. Too many people—particularly those who have been historically excluded or marginalized—are unable to access, benefit from, or influence digital platforms.

As technology continues to reshape relationships between citizens, governments, and corporations, struggles to control the Internet are intensifying around the world. Globally, governments and private corporations are doing more to effectively restrict who can access the Internet and how it functions. Dramatic increases in ubiquitous data collection and automated decision-making by businesses and government raise serious concerns about the future of privacy and equality in jobs, criminal justice, housing, health, education, civic engagement, finance, and expression. We believe in equal access to and fair regulation of the Internet to ensure transparency, privacy, access to knowledge, and free expression for all people.

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Our two strategies connect with others across the foundation.

  • Digital Rights and Access
  • Public Interest Technology
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