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7 February 2013

The Powerbroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights

To celebrate Whitney M. Young Jr.’s extraordinary life and legacy, the foundation will host a special pre-release screening of “The Powerbroker: Whitney Young’s Fight for Civil Rights.”

An unsung leader of the civil rights era, Whitney M. Young, Jr. led the National Urban League throughout the turbulent 1960s and worked to open the doors of opportunity for all Americans. Passionate, patient and pragmatic, he won allies in the highest echelons of business and government. After the screening, trailblazers in law, business and social work will discuss Young’s legacy as a bridge-builder, his success in engaging corporate America in the fight for civil rights—and the work still to be done to advance justice for all.

The Powerbroker will air on Independent Lens on Feb. 18.

About the Event

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  1. A Civil Rights Dialogue Highlights from the Event The Powerbroker
    Kicking off a year of programming focused on civil rights, the Ford Foundation hosted a special screening of “The Powerbroker,” Bonnie Boswell’s stirring film about Whitney Young’s life and legacy, followed by a dynamic conversation about race, economic equality and ongoing efforts to advance justice for all.
  2. Welcome 6:30 pm
  3. Screening: “The Powerbroker” 6:45 pm The Powerbroker
    “The Powerbroker” chronicles the public and private trials of a man navigating a divided society in a turbulent time. Whitney Young, who biographer Nancy Weiss Malkiel called “the inside man of the black revolution,” worked tirelessly to open the doors of equal opportunity. By challenging America’s business and political communities directly, he was able to make in-roads where other civil rights leader could not.
  4. Civil Rights: Historic Victories, Enduring Challenges 7:50 pm
  5. Closing Remarks 8:30 pm
    • Maya L. HarrisMaya L. Harris Vice President, Democracy, Rights and Justice, Ford Foundation

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