The Colombia case study focuses on a program in the second iteration of pilot projects, Producing For My Future, which was implemented by the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) in partnership with Fundación Capital in Colombia. Fundación Capital is an international social enterprise aimed at building the assets of the poor on a massive scale. Fundación Capital partners with governments in 14 countries, including Colombia, to pilot and scale initiatives and to promote exchanges among policymakers about pro-poor and inclusive social policy. DPS, as Colombia’s lead federal agency on programs for social inclusion and reconciliation, is responsible for programs that promote productive inclusion and sustainability for vulnerable populations, including the extreme poor, through capacity-building and access to opportunities and assets.

Producing For My Future was implemented as part of broader public policy efforts in Colombia. The pilot was embedded into a comprehensive national social policy portfolio to support economic development for the nation’s vulnerable populations, providing new tools and training that could leverage other investments by DPS and generate best practices to reach the extreme poor at nationwide scale.

This case examines each phase of the project, and explores how changes in methodology (including using tablet-based educational materials) and government-led implementation have affected the program. The case also provides lessons learned and reviews additional changes that will be implemented as the Colombian government continues to expand the program in new regions across the country.

As the Colombian government plans future phases of Producing for My Future, and as other governments consider implementing the Graduation Approach, the lessons learned during the pilot project will be critical for improving the Approach’s impact.

This case study aims to capture the successes and the challenges with which pioneers are grappling. These lessons will contribute to the evolving global knowledge base of the Graduation Approach.

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