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21 August 2012

Brazilian Court Ruling Favors Indigenous Rights

In a major victory for Brazil’s indigenous communities, a federal court in that country has ordered that work be suspended on what was to be the world’s third largest hydro-electric dam. Grantees of our Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources initiative—including ISA - Socio-Environmental Institute and Missionary Council for Indigenous Peoples - CIMI—played key roles in the ruling, opposing the dam’s construction until the concerns of indigenous peoples are addressed in the planning process.

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Brazilian court halts Belo Monte hydro-electric dam project

August 14, 2012

A federal court in Brazil has ordered the immediate suspension of work on the huge Belo Monte hydro-electric dam in the Amazon.

The court says local indigenous people have not been properly consulted.

Officials point out that the builders of the dam will be able to appeal against the decision.

Once completed, the 11,000-megawatt dam, in Brazil's Para state, would be the third largest hydro-electric dam in the world

Belo Monte would only be smaller than the Three Gorges in China, and Itaipu which is jointly run by Brazil and Paraguay.

The project, which has been heavily criticised by environmentalists, was approved by the Brazilian Congress in 2005.

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