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Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice

Supporting Sexuality Research

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The goal of this work is to ensure evidence-based sexuality and reproductive health and rights research informs public policy and understanding.

The Challenge

Research into human sexuality is woefully underfunded, concentrated in biomedical disciplines, focused on individual behavioral change and often highly politicized. Little is understood of the social and cultural dimensions of this basic aspect of humanity. Moreover, research in developing countries and communities of color in the United States is not grounded in the realities of the communities.

What We're Doing

Our work seeks to fill the knowledge gaps so that public policy and programs can be informed by research-based evidence rather than assumed norms.

In the United States and globally, we support efforts to strengthen and expand research that addresses the diverse social and cultural dimensions of sexuality and reproductive health. We also fund training for researchers to build the skills and resources to engage the public, policy makers and advocacy communities with new perspectives based on sound research.

Request for Proposals

We have closed our "Sexuality, Health and Rights Among Youth in the United States" RFP, established to help social science researchers inform public policy and public understanding of youth sexuality issues. Applications are currently being considered.

Learn more about how our strategies and approaches shape our grant making.




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