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Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice

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Sexuality and the right to reproductive health are fundamental to the human experience; all women and men should be able to exercise these rights free from coercion and violence.

Why It Matters

Around the world, discussion of human sexuality and reproductive health and rights has often been considered too socially and politically sensitive or too personal for serious exploration or public debate.

At the same time, governments implement laws and programs that have direct or unanticipated impacts on these human freedoms with little or no input from those most affected. As a result, healthy development, autonomy and personal agency in these areas have often been compromised.

The Focus of Our Work

Our work is dedicated to strengthening sexual and reproductive health and rights, and encouraging comprehensive sexuality education and evidence-based public discourse on sexuality.

We support those working to ensure that young people are empowered to have access to the information and services they need. Our efforts focus particularly on young women from poor and excluded communities because they bear the greatest burden of violence and disease. We support sexual and reproductive health policies, innovative programs and research that address the social, cultural and economic factors that undermine improved outcomes for girls and women.

All of this work is motivated by the belief that a deeper understanding of human sexuality is an essential element of human rights and healthy social relationships. Those most affected must be at the fore of efforts to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights are addressed as a cornerstone of individual, family and community health.

Grants 2015
Initiative Approved* No. of Grants Avg. Grant*
Total $17,324,403 76 $227,953
Advancing LGBT Rights 900 4 225,000
Promoting Reproductive Rights and the Right to Sexual Health 5,545 22 252,045
Protecting Women's Rights 4,129 20 206,433
Reducing HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Exclusion 3,521 16 220,031
Supporting Sexuality Research 0
Youth Sexuality, Reproductive Health, and Rights 3,230 14 230,731
*US $ In Thousands

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