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Reducing HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Exclusion

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The goal of this work is to protect and advance the rights of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Challenge

Globally, 90 percent of all HIV infections are found in lower- or middle-income nations. In all country contexts, the picture is the same: The poor and excluded are at greatest risk for HIV infection and encompass the largest proportions of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Despite the global response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the most vulnerable people and communities still lack access to basic services. Gender inequalities, stigma and discrimination, the absence of meaningful participation by affected communities and a lack of government accountability drive the epidemic worldwide and hinder progress toward meeting the United Nations goal of universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support.

Few countries protect equal rights for people living with HIV/AIDS, and some nations have adopted laws criminalizing this population.

What We're Doing

To overcome systematic discrimination against people living with, affected by or vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, we support work in multiple regions around the world that pilots and advocates for appropriate legal, policy, health, economic and other remedies. These measures will create a culture of respect and dignity, protecting and securing this population's human rights.

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