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The goal of this initiative is to support a broad array of journalism and reporting that informs the public on complex social issues.

The Challenge

The need for better public understanding of complex social issues has never been greater, yet few news organizations in the United States cover these issues in an in-depth and consistent way. Declining audiences and reduced reporting ranks have limited coverage of issues of public importance, even though quality journalism on these critical issues can enrich civic life and inform public discourse.

According to a recent study, reporting on issues of social justice accounted for only 3.6 percent of the overall coverage of news by major media organizations, underscoring the lack of information readily available to the public on these critical issues.

What We're Doing

This challenging environment has provided a unique opportunity for the foundation to support principled news reporting in the United States that illuminates social problems, sparks accountability and inspires action. Our support enables distinguished news organizations to pursue high-quality content that reaches large and influential audiences, including audiences that have been historically underserved. We are focused on media that:

  • Enriches public understanding and informs national dialogue
  • Exposes injustice and generates action
  • Lifts the voices and perspectives of marginalized groups

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