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Freedom of Expression

Advancing Media Rights and Access

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The goal of this work is to promote universal access, open systems and diversity in the media.

In this video, leaders in the digital space meet online to discuss how vast data sets can be harnessed for the common good, while respecting and protecting the right to privacy. Learn more about the foundation’s Wired for Change conference.

The Challenge

How media systems and technologies are governed is critical to ensuring that all people have the opportunity to tell their stories, acquire knowledge and actively participate in society. Today's high-speed Internet technology present unprecedented opportunities for people to learn, communicate and act as informed citizens.

Without fair media policies to protect the needs of the public, millions of people will remain underrepresented and excluded from important opportunities to connect, contribute and achieve.

What We're Doing

We support fair media policies that advance competition, openness, innovation and universal access to high speed internet for everyone. Our grantees are working to ensure that all people—especially the poor and marginalized—have both the means and the rights to participate in a diverse media system. Our strategies promote the right of communities to shape media policies that best represent, support, connect and advance the needs of their citizens.

Learn more about how our strategies and approaches shape our grant making.

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