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The goal of this work is to foster policy and institutional reforms that improve disadvantaged people's access to and success in high-quality higher education.

In this video, Ford Foundation Fellows reflect on what their fellowships have meant for them as individuals and for the academic community as a whole.

The Challenge

Despite some progress worldwide over the past few decades in making higher education more accessible, disparities persist in student access to and graduation from two- and four-year colleges and universities. These disparities limit the workforce opportunities, democratic participation and life chances of students from poor, marginalized backgrounds.

What We're Doing

Our work seeks to generate policy and institutional reforms that improve standards of teaching and learning and that remove the barriers to successful participation in higher education.

In the United States our work focuses on:

  • Establishing stronger links between two- and four-year colleges
  • Creating robust tuition and financial aid policies geared to the needs of marginalized and low-income students
  • Scaling up effective academic support programs.

Similarly, our work in other parts of the world focuses on students from excluded backgrounds and supports reforms that:

  • Make higher education institutions more accessible to students
  • Provide financial and academic support that aid in their completion of degrees

Learn more about how our strategies and approaches shape our grant making.

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