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Economic Fairness

Ensuring Good Jobs and Access to Services

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The goal of this work is to help low-wage working families achieve economic self-sufficiency.

The Challenge

In the United States, millions of families have found that working hard is no longer a path to basic economic security. One in four working families (and the 21 million children in those households) is dependent on employment that offers poor job security, low pay, few benefits and little opportunity for advancement.

What We're Doing

We support two strategies to help low-wage workers move toward self-sufficiency.

First, to improve job quality held by low-wage workers, we focus on:

  • Expanding access to unemployment insurance
  • Ensuring that all workers earn a family-supporting wage and have access to paid sick days and paid family leave

We also help increase access to work supports by:

  • Promoting efforts to adequately fund and expand coverage of benefits such as tax credits, food stamps, health care and child care
  • Encouraging states to make benefit application processes more integrated, flexible and responsive to the needs of working families
  • Expanding the delivery of benefits to new settings such as workforce services programs and community-based organizations

Learn more about how our strategies and approaches shape our grant making.

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