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The goal of this work is to increase the effectiveness of civic organizations by strengthening their infrastructure and regulatory environment.

The Challenge

Robust civic associations can serve as catalysts for social change. Yet, in some countries, nongovernmental organizations lack the legal basis for registration and operation; regulatory frameworks are fragile and the very legitimacy of the sector itself is constantly questioned.

In the United States and other established democracies, regulation has come in the form of new laws that target the nonprofit sector's tax benefits and funding streams, and restrict its right to organize and advocate.

What We're Doing

Our work focuses on strengthening civic organizations and the infrastructure on which they depend. We support policy development to create a legal framework in which civil society can flourish and professional development to enhance the ability of these organizations to function at the highest levels of effectiveness and accountability.

We also fund infrastructure organizations to help keep philanthropy strong and effective in their efforts to support civil society worldwide.

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