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The goal of this work is to improve the transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of government institutions and processes.

The Challenge

Under governance that is truly transparent, effective and accountable, citizens have access to crucial information about how government operates, establishes priorities and makes decisions. In recent decades, civil society and governments around the world have made great advances in increasing transparency at both the local and national levels. Yet there is still a need for greater and more meaningful participation and accountability, particularly when it comes to how public resources are allocated.

What We’re Doing Globally

Around the world, we focus on fostering transparency and increasing poor and marginalized people’s access to public resources—including funds designated for poverty reduction programs, as well as those derived from extractive industries—in a way that creates real and lasting change in their lives.

In all of the countries in which we work, we are:

  • Promoting transparency and access to government data and public information
  • Increasing public participation in decisions about how public resources are distributed
  • Raising awareness about how the equitable allocation of these resources can improve the lives of poor and marginalized people
  • Building the capacity of civil society to monitor the management of public resources, and the capacity of government to implement effective poverty reduction programs

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