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Annual Reports

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  • 2012 Annual Report2012 Annual Report Now more than ever, opportunities for human progress stand within our reach. How do we seize these opportunities and fulfill our vision of a more just world? In our latest annual report, we share some answers to that question. PDF: 4.1 MB
  • 2011 Annual Report2011 Annual Report This report presents some representative results of our work, and asks what we can do to narrow the gap between the world as it is and the world we aspire to. 5 MB
  • 2010 Annual Report2010 Annual Report Marking the Ford Foundation’s 75th anniversary, our latest report showcases the visionary people, organizations and ideas that are changing the world for the next generation. 4 MB
  • 2009 Annual Report2009 Annual Report Highlights how we are staying on the frontlines to meet today's social challenges by supporting visionary leaders, cultivating networks, and addressing political, economic and technological transformations. 4 MB
  • 2008 Annual Report2008 Annual Report Introduces the nine new issues on which we are focusing our grant making and emphasizes our commitment to working with visionaries on the frontlines of social change. 7 MB
  • 2007 Annual Report2007 Annual Report Explores our global commitment to improve the lives of the politically, economically and educationally disenfranchised—an urgent challenge in a complex time. 4 MB
  • 2006 Annual Report2006 Annual Report Recalls the foundation's ongoing commitment to emerging leaders, social movements, building institutions and innovative approaches to improving lives. Includes a pull-out timeline celebrating our first 70 years. 6 MB
  • 2005 Annual Report2005 Annual Report Highlights grantees and projects worldwide that transform the foundation's mission statement into reality. 2 MB
  • 2004 Annual Report2004 Annual Report Special question-and-answer pages explain how the foundation is governed, how we make grants, and other issues. 2 MB
  • 2003 Annual Report2003 Annual Report Discusses where the foundation's money comes from, how we decide what to support and details our grant-making process. 2 MB
  • 2002 Annual Report2002 Annual Report Details how we reorganized our work on reproductive health and human sexuality, now located in each of our three broad program areas. 5 MB
  • 2001 Annual Report2001 Annual Report Highlights the International Fellowships Program, launched with the largest single grant in the foundation's history. 6 MB
  • 2000 Annual Report2000 Annual Report Focuses on three large grants: the Center for Community Self-Help, which seeks to increase homeownership among low-income families; Project GRAD, a public-school reform project; and $40 million in challenge grants to 28 arts and cultural groups in the United States. 7 MB

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